Cactus and Succulents - Part Sun

Agave ferdinandi-regis

A. nickelsiae

Large thick green leaves with striking white markings. Aggresive thick black terminal spines. Upright habit, to 18″.

Agave gypsophila “Blue Wave”

2 to 3ft medium sized agave with wildly undulating blue leaves in a soft blue shade. Attractive agave for containers. Produces pups at the base.

Agave lophantha

Medium-sized agave to 36″ with vigorous teeth, occasional offsets

Agave marmorata

Generally solitary medium sized agave with upright rosettes, grey leaves with short marginal teeth. Used to make Pulque, a thick alcoholic drink.

Agave neomexicana

Medium rosettes to 24″; thick slender concave leaves, bluish green; strong teeth

Agave nizandensis

Small, low growing, with narrow spidery arms stretching along the ground. Dark green with a narrow light green stripe in the middle. Less sun than most agaves. Frost-sensitive.

Agave parryi minima “Variegata”

A. “Cream Spike”
A. minima “Variegata”
A. patonii “Variegata”
A. parryi v. patonii “Variegata”

Small, thick-leaved hardy rosettes, yellow-striped, slow-growing

Agave parryi v. truncata

Forms large clusters of tight 3ft. rosettes, broadleafed w/thick marginal spines. Red spines on young leaves turn black with age.

Agave parryi var. minima

A. patonii
A. parryi v. patonii

Very small, thick-leaved bluish rosettes, will form tight clumps.

Agave patonii

Miniature century plant to 12″ with pronounced spines, scooped leaf shape.

Agave potatorum

Large, solitary rosettes to 3ft. across, open blue leaves. 20ft tall bloom spikes.

Agave pratensis

Small clusters of warty 8″ rosettes. Marginal spines and orange flowers.


Agave pumila

Star-like leaves, sharply pointed and outward facing.

Agave sisalana “Mediopicta”

6ft. upright vase-shaped rosettes w/striking striped leaves. Fibrous leaves harvested for sisal, used for rope, rugs and similar.

Agave tequilana “Lemeno”

Dramatic moderate fast growing Blue Agave with yellow edged leaves. Open rosettes, semi-spineless powder-blue leaves.