Cactus and Succulents - Part Sun

Austrocylindropuntia verschaffeltii

Opuntia verschaffeltii

Shrubby to 12″; purple in full sun; small red blooms. Many low-growing wide-spreading green stems with purple leaves on new growth. Will form large clumps.

Avonia buderiana

Thin papery scales over tiny leaves; 2″l. stems; white flowers; dry, fast-draining soil

Avonia herreana

Anacampseros herreana

Tiny caudiciform, many branches covered practically solid in white “leaves”. Rare and hard to grow. Light roots, water lightly. Small yellow flowers. Keep dry in winter.

Beaucarnea recurvata

Large swollen caudex to 6+ft., 10-15ft. tall.

A stunning slow-growing specimen plant with long thin arching leaves atop thick branches and a swollen trunk. Mature branches send out cream-colored bloom stalks in Spring.


Bombax ellipticum

Pseudobombax ellipticum

Deciduous tree with succulent stems and large green/brown caudex, can form a tree over 10ft. tall. Large green leaves are smaller and red in full sun.

Brasiliopuntia brasiliensis

Abundant thin green pads and bright yellow flowers. Grows tall, tree-like with a large round trunk forming.


Bulbine aff diphylla

Grows in rocky soils, lots of sun. Bulbous base, narrow green upright leaves. Yellow flowers. Winter growing.

Bulbine margarethae x haworthioides

Will form a small underground caudex. Yellow flowers. We grow them outside in the Bay Area year round, hardy if in very fast draining soil, though we don’t know how cold hardy.

Bulbine mesembryanthemoides

Also Bulbine mesembryanthoides

Small fat windowed green leaves with translucent tops. Grows in rocky soils. Winter growing. Goes dormant in summer, often down to the ground. Flowers in spring. Easy to grow in fast draining soils.

Bursera fagaroides

Bonsai tree, large caudex w/fragrant sap and peeling bark. Can grow 5ft tall and lots of wild branches. Deciduous in winter.

Bursera microphylla

Freely branching shrub, natural bonsai; papery white bark, small leaflet pairs. Has a swollen, succulent trunk resembling elephant legs. Small creamy white flowers in summer.

Calibanus hookeri

Large caudex, 1 to 2 feet, with grassy leaves, winter-growing, outside in Bay Area

Caralluma baldratii

Orbea baldratii

Narrow-stemmed Stapeliad with deep burgundy starfish-shaped flowers.


Caralluma europaea

Low-growing, mat-forming Stapeliad with small burgundy carrion-flowers. Will grow best if allowed to go cool in winter, but protect from frost.

Caralluma socotrana

Whitish branches, spreads readily, lots of red flowers on the tips in summer. Bare stems look like bleached coral. Large clumps 10-12″ tall. Rot-prone in winter makes it difficult to keep alive through to spring.

Caralluma speciosa

Stunning clusters of burgundy flowers with golden-yellow throats. Forms large clumps up to 3ft tall. Soft, green, euphorbia-like 4-sided stems. Regular water in the hottest parts of the summer, do not overwater in winter.

Ceiba speciosa

Bottle tree to 50 ft. in ground with dense thorns on trunk. Deciduous.