Cactus and Succulents - Part Shade

Cephalopentandra ecirrhosa

Caudex develops “pimples,” or fissures, as it ages. In the Cucurbitaceae family, forms wild-growing vines with large lobed green leaves and large yellow-green squash-blossom flowers.

Ceraria pygmaea

Portulacaria pygmaea

Natural bonsai shrub succulent, to 8″h., with small thick green leaves. Stems can get 4″ thick.

Cereus forbesii

C. hankeanus
C. validus

Tree-like. Blue stems will grow wide and branchy. Long spines, come in red fade to gray. Large pink flowers with burgundy-red sepals.

Cereus peruvianus

C. repandus
C. hildmannianus

30ft tall tree-like cactus. Branches from base and further up with segmented stems. Bright red edible fruit, known as Cactus Apples.

Cereus uruguayanus

C. hildmannianus ssp. uruguayanus

Tall, columnar, branching cactus with large summer night-blooms

Ceropegia dichotoma

Upright succulent stems, 2-3ft, with small deciduous leaves that drop off in spring. Flowers in winter, with yellow blooms at the nodes of the stem. A unique container specimen.

Ceropegia woodii

C. linearis ssp. woodii

Vines to 2ft, heart-shaped succulent leaves; Moderate water in summer, dry in winter. We recommend shallow watering to prevent root rot.

Cheiridopsis denticulata

Dwarf shrublet with paired leaves in the Iceplant family. Tiny little teeth-like protrusions on the tips of the leaves. Variable flower colors from pale-peach to bright yellow. May also be the same species as Cheiridopsis candidissima.

Cheiridopsis speciosa

Dwarf shrublet with paired leaves in the Iceplant family. Variable flower colors – Yellow, magenta, red, orange and lilac.


Cissus discolor

Climbing succulent vine, richly patterned oval green-red leaves. Will vine to 12 feet. Good for hanging baskets indoors.

Cissus quadrangularis

Freely branching, 4-sided stems, small leaves at the joints. Has been used medicinally since ancient times. Great for hanging baskets.

Cissus tuberosa

Caudex-forming vine in the grape family; aerial roots, small fruit

Cleistocactus parapetiensis

C. azerensis

Slender columns, 3 feet tall, with lots of short gold spines, branches low, many tubular red blooms

Cotyledon “Flavida”

C. orbiculata v. oblonga “Flavida”

Fast growing, with large narrow chalky-white leaf. Long elegant bell shaped peach blooms in late Summer/Fall.

Cotyledon orbiculata “Winter Red”

Stunning shrub with thick oval leaves, powder white with red edging if grown in full sun, more green in part shade. Long elegant bell-shaped red flowers in Winter. Deer resistant.

Crassula “Candy Cane”

C. rubricaulis “Candy Cane”

Spreading mounds of low growing multicolored red and white leaves

Crassula “Chiquito”

C. radicans “Chiquito”

Spreading groundcover to 6″ high, small ½” paired leaves turn red in sun; tiny yellow flowers

Crassula “Gollum”

C. ovata “Gollum”

Small, shrubby to 3ft., tubular leaves, red-tipped in full sun