Cactus and Succulents - Part Shade

Cheiridopsis speciosa

Dwarf shrublet with paired leaves in the Iceplant family. Variable flower colors – Yellow, magenta, red, orange and lilac.


Cissus discolor

Climbing succulent vine, richly patterned oval green-red leaves. Will vine to 12 feet. Good for hanging baskets indoors.

Cissus quadrangularis

Freely branching, 4-sided stems, small leaves at the joints. Has been used medicinally since ancient times. Great for hanging baskets.

Cissus tuberosa

Caudex-forming vine in the grape family; aerial roots, small fruit

Cleistocactus parapetiensis

C. azerensis

Slender columns, 3 feet tall, with lots of short gold spines, branches low, many tubular red blooms

Cordyline “Paso Doble”

Upright habit with variegated burgundy red leaves, long and arching. Great as a houseplant. Deer resistant.

Cotyledon “Flavida”

C. orbiculata v. oblonga “Flavida”

Fast growing, with large narrow chalky-white leaf. Long elegant bell shaped peach blooms in late Summer/Fall.

Cotyledon orbiculata “Winter Red”

Stunning shrub with thick oval leaves, powder white with red edging if grown in full sun, more green in part shade. Long elegant bell-shaped red flowers in Winter. Deer resistant.

Crassula “Chiquito”

C. radicans “Chiquito”

Spreading groundcover to 6″ high, small ½” paired leaves turn red in sun; tiny yellow flowers

Crassula “ET”

C. ovata “ET”

Small, shrubby to 3ft., tubular leaves, red-tipped in full sun

Crassula “Gollum”

C. ovata “Gollum”

Small, shrubby to 3ft., tubular leaves, red-tipped in full sun

Crassula “Hobbit”

C. ovata “Hobbit”

Small, shrubby to 3ft., curled leaves, red-tipped in full sun

Crassula “Morgan’s Beauty”

C. falcata x C. mesembryanthemopsis with possible x C. ausiensis,  x C. tecta

Small hybrid with pink flowers, lays low to the ground.

Crassula “Pagoda”

C. perforata “Pagoda”

2ft w/variegated leaves crowned with small white flowers

Crassula “Pastel”

C. rupestris “Pastel”

Tiny tightly-stacked nearly-white leaves, short stems. This was cultivated from Crassula “Tom Thumb.”


Crassula “Springtime”

C. rupestris “Springtime”

Thick-leaved cultivar to 12″ with pink flower sprays in late winter/early spring.

Crassula “Sunset”

C. ovata “Sunset”

Shrubby, easy to grow. Green and yellow variegated leaves with bright pink edges. Protect from frost.

Crassula “Tom Thumb”

C. rupestris “Tom Thumb”
C. rupestris ssp. marnieriana x C. rupestris ssp. rupestris

Mini-shrub to 4″ with tiny thick leaves, white flower sprays.