Cactus and Succulents - Part Shade

Aloe immaculata

Large toothy aloe on short stem with multi-branched bloom stalks.

Aloe jucunda

Small aloe with glossy green triangular leaves, marginal teeth. Will blush red in sun. Sprawls along the ground. Pink flowers.

Aloe kedongensis

Upright growing with multiple stems, sometimes laying over prostrate with new stems appearing and growing up.


Aloe maculata

A. saponaria

Agressive low pupper, shade tolerant, brown edge teeth, red in full sun

Aloe maculata “Jack O Lantern”

Clustering species with showy marginal teeth and highly spotted thick recurved leaves. Orange blooms in the fall. Excellent shade tolerant Aloe for under Oaks.

Aloe mudenensis

Clump-forming large rosettes, red in full sun, thick juicy leaves

Aloe nobilis

A. mitriformis x A. brevifolia

Stemless rosettes to 12″ across, many pups; can form larger mounds.

Aloe nobilis “Gold Tooth”

Green rosettes that will get bright orange in full sun, especially at the tips. Sharp but flexible teeth running along the edges with a few in spots on the inside of the leaves.

Aloe nobilis “Variegata”

A. mitriformis x A. brevifolia

Stemless rosettes to 12″ across, strongly variegated leaves, many pups; can form larger mounds.

Aloe peglerae

18″ across. Cold hardy w/very fast draining soil. Open in Shade, closed rosette in full sun. Stemless, spiny.

Aloe perrieri

Rare grass aloe, tapering leaves with small white spots. Red blooms are pendant on a wide-ranging bloom stalk.

Aloe reitzii

Single large stemless rosette, bluish; long tubular pink flowers point downwards

Aloe rudikoppe

(Aloe “Rooikappie”)

2 to 3 foot stemless rosette. Blooms in winter with densely flowered compact spray of orange tubular blooms. Will form small clumps.

Aloe saponaria hybrid

Aggressive low pupper, shade tolerant, burgundy/brown teeth and leaf edges in full sun.

Aloe striata

Large clumping rosettes, shade tolerant, brighter in sun

Aloe striata hybrid

A. striata x maculata

Large clumping rosettes, green spotted leaves, red-edged in sun

Aloe striatula

Aloiampelos striatula

Shrubby, scrubby aloe with stalks to 6′, branching from the ground

Aloe striatula “Burly”

Aloiampelos striatula “Burly”

Robust form of shrubby scrabbly aloe branching from the base, gets 6ft tall by as wide. Yellow flowers.

Aloe succotrina

Great shaped spinning thin-leafed rosettes, prefers some shade. Red flowers fall/winter.

Aloe tenuior

Aloiampelos tenuior

Shrubby aloe with stalks to 6′, branching profusely from the ground


Aloe thraskii

Single stem, tree aloe; bright green in the shade