Cactus and Succulents - Full Sun

Aloe dichotoma

Namaqualand, South Africa. Stunning tree aloe with caudex trunk, multi-branched to 25ft in habitat. Yellow blooms. Smooth trunked. While cold-hardy, we have had more success growing this indoor in the San Francisco Bay Area, from seedlings to larger specimens.

Aloe distans

Scrambling Aloe with thick green leaves lined with yellow teeth. Each stem can reach over 3ft long with a 5in wide rosette at the end. Coral-pink flowers in late summer through fall.


Aloe dorotheae

Rosettes clumping to 20″, marginal spines; Red in sun. Protect from heavy frost.

Aloe ferox

Single large toothy rosette on tall stalk, outdoor up to 8ft.

Aloe glauca “Namaqualand”

Grows a small trunk, 2-3ft tall. Lots of rosettes along the base. Bluish leaves, orange marginal teeth. 18″ tall bloom stalks with salmon-orange flowers.

Aloe harlana

Ethiopia. Makes a great houseplant with pink flowers, up to 7″ in diameter. Red in sun, green in shade. Juvenile spots remain in adult plants, indicating this may be a hybrid. Rosettes to 12″, toothy leaves.

Aloe hereroensis

Stemless solitary rosette to 20″ across; orange blooms; S. Africa

Aloe humilis

Small stemless warty aloe; dense clusters, summer blooms

Aloe immaculata

Large toothy aloe on short stem with multi-branched bloom stalks.

Aloe kedongensis

Upright growing with multiple stems, sometimes laying over prostrate with new stems appearing and growing up.


Aloe longistyla

Solitary stemless aloe to 10″. Prefers full sun, little water

Aloe maculata

A. saponaria

Agressive low pupper, shade tolerant, brown edge teeth, red in full sun

Aloe maculata “Jack O Lantern”

Clustering species with showy marginal teeth and highly spotted thick recurved leaves. Orange blooms in the fall. Excellent shade tolerant Aloe for under Oaks.

Aloe marlothii

Single very toothy rosette on trunk to10ft.; blue/green

Aloe mudenensis

Clump-forming large rosettes, red in full sun, thick juicy leaves

Aloe nobilis

South African – Probably a garden hybrid

Stemless rosettes to 12″ across, many pups; can form larger mounds.

Aloe peglerae

18″ across. Cold hardy w/very fast draining soil. Open in Shade, closed rosette in full sun. Stemless, spiny.

Aloe perfoliata

A. mitriformis

Blue rosettes glow bright pink in full sun. A creeping aloe, it sends out long creeping stems over rocky areas, with large solitary rosettes at the ends.

Aloe petricola

Medium stemless aloe with 2 ft. rosette. Will grow moderately spiny. From rocky, open grasslands of Northern South Africa. Blooms on very tall racemes start off orange and open to yellow.

Aloe plicatilis

12ft in habitat (5ft. in Bay Area) large thick trunk, broad canopy