Cactus and Succulents - Full Sun

Tacinga saxatilis

Opuntia saxatilis

Medium prickly pear, sprawls to 3ft, long white soft spines

Tanquana hilmarii

Pairs of small pudgy leaves, mostly solitary; vibrant yellow flowers. Low water.

Tephrocactus geometricus

Tephrocactus alexanderi ssp. geometricus

Stunning globular stems stacked up, will break off and roll with few recumbent spines. Ivory white flowers. Very arid, can handle extreme desert and blazing hot direct sun.

Tephrocactus geometricus f. inermis

Stunning globular stems stacked up, will break off and roll with few recumbent spines. Ivory white flowers. very arid, can handle extreme desert.


Tephrocactus turpinii

Opuntia turpinii
Tephrocactus articulatus

Long spineless stems do have small glochids. Upright to 2 feet.

Tephrocactus weberi

Shrubby, with many stems/branches. Very spiny, some flexible. Orange flowers.

Thelocactus bicolor

Usually solitary, stems can get 15″ high x 6″ around. Magenta flowers fade to white towards the center, and then get very dark below.

Thelocactus macdowellii

Generally solitary, occasionally forms clusters of 4-5″ stems, densely covered in white spines, 2 central tan-colored spines on conical tubercles. Magenta flowers.

Titanopsis calcarea

Small clumper forms dense mats of thick open leaves. Winter-growing, keep dry in summer. Grows in limestone strewn areas.


Trachyandra tortilis

Small plant from Namaqualand (S. Africa) that grows to have stunning wavy leaves that grow wider each year, will form ribbon like thick wavy leaves in a few years.

Winter grower with a summer dormancy.

Summer – when leaves drop, let the pots dry out completely, only
giving it a very small amount of water once/month. Let it rest in a
hot well-ventilated area for the duration of the dormancy.

Autumn – as temperatures cool you should see new leaves
appear, at which time you can give them a drink. Water every 2-3
weeks while growing thru spring. Make sure the soil totally dries
out between watering.

Trichodiadema barbatum

Large mats of shrubby stems with bristly tips. A low succulent groundcover with lovely pink flowers. Leaves have soft white bristles. Grows a tuberous base that looks great when elevated in a container.

Trichodiadema bulbosum

Irregular caudex; shrubby w/long stems, small green leaves and small pink-purple flowers.

Easy to grow natural bonsai, stems and leaves can be cut back for shape. Lift plant up to expose more swollen roots each time you repot.


Tunilla soehrensii

Low growing, stems flattened crescents, long spines. Seeds used for red dye.

Turbinicarpus gielsdorfianus

Small round cactus with long curving black spines and yellow flowers. Usually solitary, vertical growth is almost conical. Woolly areoles.

Uncarina grandidieri

A winter-deciduous succulent that grows a thick caudiciform trunk over time. Leaves are green, slightly fuzzy to the touch, and scented. Blooms lovely yellow flowers, seed pods that follow are hooked and barbed. Can get to 10ft tall.

Uncarina peltata

Shrubby caudex, branched to 10ft., large soft leaves;
golden trumpet flowers w/purple throat

Urginea maritima

Large winter-growing bulb with 6ft. bloom stalks, white flowers. Grows in open spaces with shallow rocky and sandy coastal soils. Flowers late summer, leaves throughout the winter.

Weberbauerocereus johnsonii

Golden spined column, slow growing, eventualy treelike to 20ft., usually branching above 6ft. White tubular flowers.