Cactus and Succulents - Full Sun

Senecio haworthii

Subshrub with white oval leaves on short vertical stems. Rot prone – plant in sun with lots of air circulation.

Senecio jacobsenii

Unusual pastel colored leaves in full sun. Low growing, good for hanging naskets or to trail over a mixed succulent pot. Will root along the ground as it trails.


Senecio praecox

Wild looking deciduous tree with many branches will get large bloom sprays with yellow daisy flowers on ends of undulating bare branches before new leaves.

Senecio scaposus

Stemless clumps of silver finger-like leaves, 6-12″. Yellow daisy blooms. Drought tolerant.

Senecio serpens

S. repens, Kleinia repens

Thick blue tubular leaves, branches from base. Will spread quickly along the ground. Small white puffball compound flowers. Asteraceae, Daisy Family.

Senecio stapeliiformis

Winter-growing, upright variegated stems will recline as they grow tall. Bright red pom-pom bloom sprays.

Sinningia tubiflora

Tuberous caudex to 6″, stems to 12″. One of the few caudexes that can grow from leaf cuttings.

Stapelia hirsuta

Soft stems to 14″h; large carrion blooms, burgundy with hairs

Stetsonia coryne

Tall columnar to 26ft.; branchy with long spines; night blooms

Tacinga inamoena

Charming Opuntia relative with small oblong pads that are spineless and edible. Variable flowers of red and orange in spring.

Tacinga saxatilis

Opuntia saxatilis

Medium prickly pear, sprawls to 3ft, long white soft spines