Cactus and Succulents - Full Sun

Sedum album “Nigra”

Spreads easily. Dark colored in full sun. Great as a groundcover, rock gardens and green roofs. 4″ tall.

Sedum burrito

S. morganianum “Burrito”

Pendant evergreen stonecrop w/small thick leaves, pink blooms

Sedum cauticola “Lidakense”

Groundcover to 8″ tall. Great border plant, robust clumps. Large purple flower sprays in late summer. Attractive to Butterflies; Deer resistant.

Sedum dendroideum

2 to 3 feet tall, yellow flowers. Low growing shrub, very hardy. Great in planter strips.

Sedum divergens

Tight evergreen stonecrop w/small thick leaves. Red in sun.

Sedum furfuraceum

Round leaves speckled green and red. White flowers in summer. Will grow on creeping stems that turn upwards and can make a good rock garden and hanging basket plant.

Sedum hispanicum v. purpureum

S. hispanicum v. minus “Purpureum”

Lush, thick springy mound of tiny rosettes, will spread as a groundcover. Plant between stepping stone. Deeper purple color in winter. Great as a moss-like succulent in terrariums and rock gardens.

Sedum kimnachii

Lush, thick green leaves, yellow flowers. Makes a great and dense succulent groundcover

Sedum lineare “Variegatum”

Low growing, to 6″ high, and tough. Will form lots of stems with tiny cream and green striped leaves. Works great on slopes and hillsides. Makes a good contrast plant for bonsais.

Sedum lucidum

Round fat leaves in compact rosettes on short stems. Red edged in sun. White flowers with red centers. Will grow along the ground, scrambling over rocks, trailing over walls and rooting as it goes.

Sedum mexicanum

Low growing groundcover. Lime green, upright, hardy. Can take a bit more water than most succulents.

Sedum oaxacanum

Lush, thick springy groundcover of tiny thick-leafed rosettes

Sedum pachyphyllum

1 ft x 3 ft. Rounded green leaves cluster at the ends of the stems; tips will turn bright red in full sun. Easy to propagate from leaf cuttings. Will trail low along the ground, or great for hanging baskets and windowsill gardens. Lots of yellow flowers.

Sedum praealtum

Bright green red-tipped to 3ft. w/tiny bright yellow flowers

Sedum rubrotinctum

Lots of small thick leaves, pop off + root easily. Green jelly-bean leaves turn bright red in sun. Great for rock gardens and hanging baskets. Pale yellow star-shaped flowers. Deer resistant. Summer dormant.

Sedum rupestre

Vigorous, mat-forming groundcover succulent with red edges.