Cactus and Succulents - Extra Chunky

Fenestraria rhopalophylla

2-3″ clusters. Transparent tips are the characteristic windowed leaves. In habitat the leaves hide below the surface and only the windowed tips are visible. Rot-prone: low water, or mist. Flowers are white.

While commonly known as F. aurantiaca, can be found as F. rhopalophylla subsp. rhopalophylla with white flowers and subsp. aurantiaca with yellow flowers.


The barrel cacti of the North American deserts, globose to cylindrical forms.

Ferocactus tiburonensis

F. wislizeni v. tiburonensis

Large barrel to 3ft. tall; red blooms, very thick hooked spines

Fouquieria columnaris

Idria columnaris

Thick base, spiny branches covered in small green leaves. Dormant in summer; Slow grower to 50ft.

Fouquieria diguetii

Summer growing – requires some watering through the warmer months. Short thick trunk with multiple branches and orange/red tubular flowers attractive to hummingbirds. Keep dry in winter.

Fouquieria macdougalii

Striated trunk to 15ft.; Open branching. Large sprays of red blooms on the tips of the branches in spring and fall, blooms when young. Grows well in rocky or sandy soils. Can leaf out any time there is rain, summer or winter.

Fouquieria purpusii

Large green trunk, with varied bark and corky spine scars, upright to 12ft.

Fouquieria splendens

Classic Ocotillo from the Mojave and Colorado deserts; spiny stems, red flowers in spring. Long growing branches will leaf out with summer rains, grow to 20ft+.

Frithia pulchra

Clumping succulent with 1″l. leaves; very low water, primarily in summer months; partial shade

Gibbaeum dispar

Dwarf, mounding succulents in the Iceplant Family. Pink flowers fall through early winter.

Glottiphyllum suave

Stemless, clumping, flattened rosettes. Yellow flowers, buds clustered at the center of the plant.


Unidentified, but probably a hoodia. Blooms only 3/4″ across

Hoodia gordonii

Stems to 12″ tall, clumps of many spiny branches. Tan to Burgundy carrion flowers. Stems are eaten as an appetite suppressant by the San people of the Namib. Very low water.

Hoodia ruschii

To 24″h.; used as appetite suppressant, sim. to H.gordonii. Light frost tolerant if very dry.

Huernia kennedyana

Small clumps of short, stout, globose stems. Attractive 1″ striped yellow flowers.

Huernia striata

Small compact plant with branches; likes it hot; attractive 3″ striped flowers

Ibervillea lindheimeri

Large white caudex, annual vines, dormant in winter. Vines have long tendrils, small yellow flowers and red berries.