Cactus and Succulents - Extra Chunky

Dioscorea mexicana

D. macrostachya

Slowly over decades develops a large caudex, covered in woody scales. Produces long deciduous vines, pendant bloom spikes.

Echinopsis tarijensis

Solitary cylindrical stems will branch from the sides at about 10 feet tall, will grow eventually to 15ft.

Eriosyce cachytayensis

Small black barrel with long black spines; tuberous root. Unknown origins, may be a hybrid or subspecies of Eriosyce taltalensis. Keep dry in winter.

Eriosyce curvispina

Small, slow-clumping; tuberous root. Long curving spines, variable colors. Beautiful yellow and red flowers. Keep dry in winter. Do not overwater.


Euphorbia guillauminiana

Native to rocky areas, prefers very fast draining soils. Thick branches spread off a decent trunk. Will grow 2-3ft tall. Chartreuse flowers.

Euphorbia obesa

Small round striped plants. Will grow eventually to 12″ tall. Keep very dry, especially in winter.

Euphorbia squarrosa

Green spiny branches atop an irregular caudex which is underground in habitat. Green inflorescence with yellow and red centers.

Euphorbia unispina

Forms a small cluster of tall stems, to 12ft., with an outcropping of green leaves at the top. Keep indoor in winter. Fast draining soil.

Faucaria felina

Green, soft-toothed mesemb w/smooth surface. Small clumps of mini aloe-like rosettes.

Faucaria tuberculosa

F. felina ssp. tuberculosa

A dark-green leafed mesemb, with teeth-like tubercules on surface

Fenestraria aurantiaca

2-3″ clusters. Transparent tips are the characteristic windowed leaves. In habitat the leaves hide below the surface and only the windowed tips are visible. Rot-prone: low water, or mist. Flowers range from off-white to yellow/gold.

While commonly known as F. aurantiaca, can be found as F. rhopalophylla subsp. aurantiaca with yellow flowers and subsp. rhopalophylla with white flowers.