Cactus and Succulents - Jungle Cactus/Orchid Blend

Dyckia “Pale Rider”


Slow growing pale silver rosette with strongly toothed leaves and orange flowers in summer. Looks best in full sun. Great in containers.


Probably actually Disocactus and Selenicereus hybrids.

Hybrid tree-growing jungle cacti; large colorful blooms



Hatiora salicornioides

Rhipsalis salicornioides

Highly varied. Jungle cactus with many stems, arching to pendant. Yellow to orange flowers.

Hoya obscura

Fast growing vines to 8ft, medium-sized darker-green leaves, small fragrant pink flowers with yellow centers.


Hybrid epiphytic jungle cacti cultivated and grown for the delicious fruit. Aggressive climbers that can encircle a host tree. Large night-blooming flowers.

Hylocereus “Kip’s Red”

H. costaricensis “Kip’s Red”

Vibrant edible red fruit with dense pink flesh. Climbing cactus with fragrant night-blooming white flowers Spring through Fall.

Lepismium cruciforme

Epiphytic or semi-erect creeping. Can grow up to 2ft. long. Lots of small creamy-pink flowers.

Ludisia discolor

Haemaria discolor

Terrestrial orchid, small white flowers, dark striped leaves. Shade-tolerant

Macodes petola

Terrestrial orchid with small white flowers, sparkling variegated leaves, shade-tolerant

Mimosa pudica

Tropical herb to 5ft.; lightly spiny stems, leaves close to touch. Keep moist, grows well as a houseplant.

Monolena primuliflora

Large-leafed rare tropical epiphyte. Grown as a Houseplant can handle a variety of indoor light conditions, bright indirect is best. Fast draining soil, moderate water, high humidity. Occasionally mist the leaves. Will form a caudex, very slow growing. Red begonia-like flowers.


Terrestrial bromeliads, frost-tender, bright colors.

Neoregelia ampullacea

Classic small Bromeliad will readily hybridize, with many cultivars available. Rosettes will show varying amounts of striping and spotting

Peperomia ferreyrae

Semi-epyphitic mounds of green rosettes. Succulent Peperomia, keep warm, provide occasional misting. Grows well as a houseplant.

Peperomia prostrata

Vining succulent with small round thickened leaves, green with white veining. Upright red bloom stalks.


Petopentia natalensis

Large caudiciform in the Milkweed Family, vining with large fruit. Keep dry in winter.


Asian epiphytic shade orchids, over 60 species.