Cactus and Succulents - Jungle Cactus/Orchid Blend

Abromeitiella brevifolia

Deuterocohnia brevifolia

Hardy groundcover bromeliad; yellow flowers. Forms large vigorous tight mounds.

Acanthocereus tetragonus

Family: Cactaceae

Tropical cactus with long segmented three sided branches, has a sprawling/climbing habit. Night-blooming

Found throughout tropical Central America, the Caribbean, and southern Florida. This plant tends to grow among the branches of larger shrubs and trees where it stems are supported by the surrounding plant growth.

Well suited to a hanging basket pot, or a vine cage. Should be planted in a well draining media. Can handle ample water in summer, but should be allowed to dry out for long periods during the cold winter months.

Albuca nelsonii

Family: Hyacinthaceae

Large evergreen Albuca with deep green fleshy leaves. Forms mounds up to 5 feet wide and 3 feet tall. tall bloom stalks with tubular striped white blooms.

Found throughout Southern Africa growing in open grasslands

Plants do best in a well draining mostly in organic mix, amended with horticultural pumice. Can be watered every other week throughout the year. Plants do well outside in pots, or in a succulent/drought tolerant landscape.

Ananas lucidus

Tropical terrestrial bromeliad in the Pineapple family; evergreen to 4’t.

Begonia dregei

Easy to grow natural bonsai with small succulent caudex.

Ceropegia woodii

C. linearis ssp. woodii

Vines to 2ft, heart-shaped succulent leaves; Moderate water in summer, dry in winter. We recommend shallow watering to prevent root rot.

Cissus discolor

Climbing succulent vine, richly patterned oval green-red leaves. Will vine to 12 feet. Good for hanging baskets indoors.

Cryptanthus “Minor”

C. bivittatus “Minor”

Beautiful striped terrestrial bromeliad, nearly flat, shades of brown

Cryptanthus “Ruby”

C. bivittatus “Ruby”

Beautiful red-striped terrestrial bromeliad, nearly flat, bright colors in light shade

Cycas revoluta

Slow growing with large green fronds. Easy to grow indoor or outdoor. Poisonous if ingested, including people and pets.

Dischidia ruscifolia

Vining epiphyte; good for hanging baskets, or terrariums. Tiny pink flowers appear along the vine at the internodes.

Disocactus ramulosus

Pseudorhipsalis ramulosa

Jungle cactus; 18″ trailing stems, small pink/purple flowers