Wouldn't That Be Nice

I wish I had something to say. Wouldn’t it be nice if my blog had lots of good things that I have to say? That would be good.

Instead, I usually like to ramble a bit. Like today I had a customer who asked what they could use as a screen for a bright light their neighbor had installed right in their window, and I suggested bamboo of course, but also Myrica or Fremontodendron would form nice tall thick shrubs that could block a neighbors light.

Also, I had a customer want me to pot some sedums into a pot without drainage. We don’t recommend this, but we will do it for them. We’ll put charcoal at the bottom, and then we tell them they have to water more often. This is counterintuitive. More often, but a lot less water, so it doesn’t collect at the bottom. Even then most of them will kill the plants in a pot without drainage. Today we had some inexpensive Ikea pots brought in.

And then there’s the fact that I have a sinus infection. Oy, the agony.

So you can see how I like to ramble a bit here and there. Maybe if I had a point, it would make more sense.

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February 2024

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