Wintering Succulents in Chicago

From the Sun-Times.

Succulents: Because these plants store water in their leaves, stems or roots, they can survive the winter with once-a-month watering as long as they are watered generously during the summer. Succulents favor bright spots, so place them in a south-[f]acing window. Aloe, agave and cacti are some of the more well-known succulents that make particularly great display plants.

Also, if you live in Chicago, don’t forget to take a vacation to a warmer spot. February is a good time of year to be leaving Chicago. And then you can leave your succulents behind in a sunny window while on vacation in a warmer climate and not have to worry about watering them. At that point, the real problem is the person you’ve got looking after your home will want to over-water them, and you’ll come back to some dead succulents. You can’t win. Pessimism will take hold in winter if you live in Chicago. So maybe you should think of moving to California. Preferably Southern California. Now that’s the ticket.

And all that from a tiny notice in the Chicago Sun-Times telling you to water less in winter.

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