Where to Buy Succulents When You Find Yourself in Tennessee

At the Memphis Botanic Garden’s Annual Sale, of course. It must be that time of year again.

(T)he annual “Green Your Home” Winter Plant Sale… (is) scheduled for Feb. 6-8 this year….


Kalanchoes are succulent plants with brightly colored flowers. For buds to open or plants to rebloom, bright light is necessary.

Aloe, another succulent, has spiky leaves filled with a gel that heals burns and scrapes.

Cacti of many types are easy to grow indoors, if you can give them plenty of light….

A greenhouse at the botanic garden is filled with about dozen different rhizomatous begonias, plants prized for the shape, texture and color of their leaves.

It seems they have a large selection of cacti and succulents. That’s good news for you, if you live near there, that is. Plus, they have a nice feature that I haven’t seen at any of our local botanic garden sales:

Bring your own container to the sale, and the staff will fill it with artfully arranged plants.

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