When a Plant is Like a Work of Art

Sometimes a plant can touch the hearts of a local community. In Michigan, a christmas cactus was chosen to live on in a museum.

The large, 40-plus year-old Christmas cactus plant now seen in the Starkweather Art and Cultural Center (SACC) has had its fair share of notoriety in Romeo.

The plant, native to Central and South America, gained popularity while literally hanging out in what was formerly Fred’s Market on Bailey Street. The former owner, Paul Ruggirello, said the plant garnished attention as customers came in to shop.

“When I told people I was retiring from the store I had so many people ask where my plant would go,” he said. “A lot of people seemed interested.”

After the store changed ownership in 2007, the plant was given to the mother of SACC administrative assistant Alycia Devins, who helped replant it and take care of it before it was moved to the art center.

Unfortunately there aren’t any pictures.

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