Weather Update

According to the weather report, we got down to 35 last night, but at the nursery we were 31. Those 4 degrees make a lot of difference. For one thing, I had a thick layer of frost on my windshield this morning. And for another thing, it’s a good thing we got the blooming kalanchoes indoor last night before the company party or they’d be flopped over and bloomless. Blameless too.

Frost blankets over the Agave attenuatas seem to have worked well.

Wool socks are standing me in good stead this morning.

Hot coffee seems particularly hot today.

Benjamin is particularly whiney about the cold, and well he should be what with no body fat and a tiny short haired fur coat. But he’s easy to fix – blankets and electric heaters seems to take care of him. I forgot the camera, or I’d show you a picture.

Here’s a link to a short video, well more like a still photo, of a snow covered cactus.

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