We Have Become Terrarium City

You will be a terrarium too.

Now these two were more difficult. Ian made the one on the left, and I made the one on the right.

I used a bottom layer of charcoal with a layer of sand filling in around it. Cactus soil, packed tight. Then I make a bit of a hole and added the taller cactus, the Cereus, and used the back end of a small paint brush to get the roots fully into the hole, and then push the soil over it.

Then another layer of sand, and the paintbrush to spread it out evenly.

Then I added the sempervivum cuts right through the sand and the crassula cut too. Make sure you take off the bottom leaves of the crassulas so that there is a good piece of stem to go down into the soil.

I added the seated smoking lady figure, and then brushed all the sand back into a level playing field. Ian added the bee because he likes bees.

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