We Had Hail This Year

Hi guys.
I have been really busy this winter, and haven’t been noticing the horror that has reigned down upon my garden.

I notice almost ALL the succulents and even some agaves have these tiny dots on them, Some damage I know is from snails/spit bugs, I dosed the yard with sluggo again recently. Some though is very strange.

But some of the issues are beyond me. Spider mites? Hail damage? I’m at a loss, though will do whatever it takes to fix it. Neem oil? lol I see you say that’s a cure for almost everything I guess I’ll need a few gallons then!

Here’s a picture of the horror….

It is hail damage, not an infestation. We have had hail several times this winter and it has been large enough and wind driven, so it causes little puncture wounds on the softer cacti and succulents. It should heal up without treatment, but the freckles are permanent to those leaves. We have several crops that were so damaged by hail in December.

Watch for infection around the spots and Neem if needed, but it is mostly just a cosmetic sort of damage.

Take care,

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