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Hope you’re doing well.
I had a couple of aloe vanbalenii that had root rot. I trimmed off as much as I could to expose some white/green flesh. Can I just plant them into the ground now (the soil is well draining and dry).

2010-04-06 11.16.06



Yes, replant in fresh fast draining soil and keep on the dry side for the next few weeks. They should reestablish pretty quickly if the weather turns back to be warm and sunny… if it stays stormy and cool they would likely prefer to be potted and under a rain shield of some sort for the next month.

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Hi Hap,

Before planting them should I dust off the bottom with cinnamon? I’ve heard cinnamon has anti fungal properties. Is that true?



I have heard the same thing about cinnamon, but have not seen any actual science to back it up. I don’t think it would hurt, but it may not actually help. If you would like to treat with a fungicide before sticking the cuts, we use Neem Oil, (a natural product from the Neem tree from India) and find it easy to use and effective, without requiring us to don chemical warfare suits. Neem Oil is used in toothpaste and cosmetics and does not seem to have nasty side effects on mammals, so it is one of our first choice products.

From your photos it looks like the infection is fairly healed up and as long as you keep them dry and warm they should do OK.


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