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I just received a leaf of a variegated sansevieria, about 2-1/2 to 3 feet long. It has no roots, just a leaf, which was chopped off above the soil line. I have been letting it dry to develop a callus. Can this form roots, do you think? If so, what method and medium do you suggest. Finally, since it is so large, is it possible to cut it into several segments.

Have a wonderful new year. Thanks so much for any ideas you have.

Merry, Oakland CA


Yes, you can root the leaf cutting and eventually it will send up new rosettes. Sansavieria are a bit slow, but it is easy to propagate with just leaf cuttings. And you can cut the leaves in to pieces and get them all to root and grow. Keep in mind the larger the cutting the more reserves it has and the faster it will send up a new rosette. But I have propagated from pieces as small as two inches, though it took years to get plants of any size. Keep in mind you have to keep the leaf pieces pointing up and don’t plant any “middle cuts” upside down by accident as they will not do anything.

Good luck and Happy New Year,


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