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I have heard what I think is a Euphorbia ingenes for around three years now and it’s always been a healthy plant with lots of growth however we moved house in October and it has been in my hallway to the right of my glass front door it always has in direct sunlight and it’s quite a bright room it has been absolutely fine here until two weeks ago as you can see from the photographs the problem has escalated quite quickly from the week of photographs taken I did water it and a couple of days after I did find that it was sat in about 3 cm of water so I took that out immediately however this discolouring had already taken place I have never and don’t normally water a lot so I don’t see how that one time of watering could do this much damage is it an infestation perhaps I really don’t know a lot about this plant or even if it is the right Euphorbia and I really really want to save this plan I love it so much what can I do and please give me as much information as possible because I’m getting conflicting advice thank you so much and you have a lovely website
Regards harriet x


The one branch is not going to be able to be saved. I recommend removing it completely, though you may be able to save the small branch with it.

The soil looks like a standard potting soil, while these Euphorbias need a fast draining cactus soil. They are pretty hardy plants, so if the care was a little off they could still do well for years. Moving a plant, changing light conditions or watering can impact them. But then to have it sitting in water and the soil not drying out can do that to the plant pretty quickly.

I recommend taking the surviving piece and shaking off as much of the existing soil as possible without damaging the roots. Let it dry out before repotting. Spray the roots with an organic neem oil. Then repot into fresh fast draining cactus soil.



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