Washington Cactus

Photo by Evan McLean. The Sequim native cactus, opuntia fragilis, growing in front of the Sequim-Dungeness Valley Chamber of Commerce Visitor’s Center is one of several icons that represent Sequim, including the New Dungeness Lighthouse replica in the background.

Most people don’t realize there are cacti native to 48 states. Including Washington. The Sequim Gazette has the story.

Conservation biologists come to Sequim to study the natural habitat of the northernmost cactus in the world, which also is found in British Columbia, Canada, and documentary film producers recognize it as embodying Sequim’s “blue hole.”

That’s quite a story they tell. Did I tell you the story about how I learned to ride a bicycle? My Dad took off the training wheels and I promptly took the bike right through the plate glass front door. I’m kidding. I went through the plate glass door when I was 6, long before I knew how to ride a bike, and it was the back door. My sister Caroline came running back and got to miss a day of school. But that’s a story for another day.

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