Warning to S.F. Organic Gardeners

…and anyone else who gardens in San Francisco¬† too. CBS Channel 5 is reporting that organic compost being given away by the city is anything but. Don’t read this report while eating.

It’s called biosolids compost and its being given away by the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission for use in school and community gardens, and homes. But… that material is actually treated sewage sludge….

The problem is what often comes with it: toxins, from businesses, hospitals, heavy industry.

“Flame retardants, heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, steroids, hormones, PCB’s, all kinds of nasty stuff,” said Paige Tomaselli with the Center for Food Safety….

(T)he position of one of the Environmental Protection Agency’s own experts: “This material should be kept away from the public,” said Hugh Kaufman, a senior policy analyst at the EPA. “The EPA did a study a year ago of sewage sludge from all over the country and found large amounts of hazardous material in all of the sludges,” he said.

via La Vida Locavore.

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