Tucson Cactus Society Dreams Big

They’re dreaming of making the biggest cactus park in the country.

The Tucson Cactus and Succulent Society is creating a park full of prickly pear, cholla and other desert plants at the Pima County Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation Department’s headquarters.

A cactus park in the desert may sound redundant but the society, in partnership with Pima County, wants residents and visitors to better understand and appreciate the rich diversity of these desert plants and their value to humans, animals, insects and the environment.

The society wants to make the 9.4-acre Prickly Park at 3500 W. River Road the largest and most complete collection of prickly pear and cholla in the United States.

That’s gonna take a lotta cactus.

What should they call the park? How about Thats a Lotta Cactus Park. Or maybe Cactus and More Cactus Park.

I have dozens more of these names, so don’t get me started. Like Tumbleweeds and Cactus on the Park.

Now, if you start to add in puns too, then there are literally hundreds of possibilities. But Hap doesn’t like puns, so this blog has sworn off them.

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