Tucson Cactus Rolling in the Streets

Dead cactus in Tucson go rolling in the street, as if they were tumbleweeds. Who do they think they are? From the Arizona Daily Star we have this police report.

Photo: Jim Davis / arizona daily star

Sometime in the past few weeks, a 12-foot-tall saguaro toppled over from its perch among four other cacti planted in a wide median on Ina between North Shannon Road and North Camino de la Tierra….

A close inspection revealed the soil around the base of the saguaro had been infiltrated by the formation of an anthill.

I think there should be more police reports of a more “natural” nature. I’d like to see the reports for when the sand crabs invade the turtle egg nests. Who gets arrested for that? And how about a report of the swallows returning to Capistrano? When do we get a media report of that yearly event? Oh yeah, we get that every year, this week as it turns out. Never mind.

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