Top Ten Cactus of 2010

The excitement is palpable. Let’s talk about it first, like we’re on a red carpet somewhere, OK? No? Oh. Alright, then lets dive right in.

10. Schlumbergera x orssichiana seems like a good place to start, also known as the Christmas Cactus.

9. Opuntia vioacea is always the most popular of the prickly pears, because it’s purple and the flowers are yellow.

8. Carnegiea gigantea is the well known Saguaro, very popular this year for some reason. Very spiny when young.

7. Echinocereus pectinatus v. rubispinus is always a fun cactus what with the red spines flattened out so that you can hug the cactus and not get pricked. But yet it was not very popular at all this year compared to previous years, hence the number 7 on this list. Hah!

6. Weberbauerocereus winterianus – god I love this little furry guy that actually grows into a giant tree cactus.

5. Cereus peruvianus babies were my favorite cactus for terrariums this year. So cute!

4. Eriosyce occulta is a perennial favorite around my house. Black barrels are so cute.

3. Astrophytum asterias is a lovely little plant that everyone wants a piece of. Button Spines!

2. Echinocereus viridiflorus ssp. chloranthus We only had a few of these small plants ready this year, but they are a stunning addition to the Hedgehog Cactus family.

And Number 1…

1. Discocactus placentiformis is a flattened globose cactus that hides in the ground. But look at that coloration! Such visually stunning spination and a fabulous cephalium to boot.

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