Top Ten Cactus and Succulent Flower Pictures of 2010

This is the last of our Top Ten Lists for 2010, because it’s already 2011, if you  weren’t sure. Here’s where we go for the  prettiest pictures of the year. At least of the ones I took.

I took thousands of photos, of which exactly 563 were featured in the Monthly Email, added to the Cactus Jungle Facebook page, twittered, and finally then all added onto the Cactus Jungle website.

And here are the 10 or so bestest of all the prettiest of all the bloomiest of all the flower pictures (of cactus and succulents).

11. Schlumbergera x. orssichiana – Christmas Cactus

10. Sarcocaulon crassicaule

9. Leuchtenbergia principis

8. The elusive Haworthia reinwardtii bloom

7. Calandrinia grandiflora

6. Rebutia fiebrigii

5. Adenium obesum

4. Stapelia scitula

3. Astrophytum myriostigma

2. Kalanchoe grandiflora

And Number 1 for all of 2010 is…

I’m not ready for Number 1 yet! There’s still more!

9b. Echinocereus pentalophus

8b. Aloe ferox

15 1/2. Eriosyce occulta

6, reconsidered. Othonna capensis

OK, Now for real, the Number 1…

1. Parodia concinna – there were a lot of beautiful parodia blooms this year, even with the cold summer, but this one was special.

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