Top 5 Top-Ten Lists of 2010

Here’s the final 5 of the Top 10 Top-Ten lists started earlier. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

5. Number 5 is the most explosive news story of the year, the Top Ten Wikileaks Revelations, indeed.

4. Four is the loneliest number you could ever know. Four is the one where NASA sends plants into space, also known as NASA’s Top Ten Plants to Remove Formaldehyde, Benzene and Carbon Monoxide from Indoor Air. I guess that doesn’t have to be in space, it could be in your office cubicle too.

3. This must be the one where I convince you that it should really have been #1 if not for the miscounting of the ballots. Top Ten Environmental Stories of 2010 is too important to be #3, what with the oil spill and global warming and obesity too. Oy.

2. For gods sake we’re all the way to number 2! And I forgot to include the Top Ten Sake manufacturers! Squidoo had a Top Ten Toys under $10 for 2010, and that’s made it all the way to #2 on our list of the Top 10 Top-Ten lists. Sake will have to wait until next year. In case you were wondering, I want #5 on their list.

And the Number One Top Ten List for 2010 was….
1. Top 10 Most Important Discoveries in Astronomy (not just for 2010!) Why, you ask? Why, of course, it’s for all the pretty pictures of galaxies in the universe! Like you had to ask.

Thank you for playing along with our conceit, our Top 10 Top-Tens. Tomorrow we start in on the real top ten lists. You know, the Top Ten Cactus of 2010 and so forth.

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