Top 10 Top-Ten Lists Part 1

The store is closed for the week, for a winter break because it snowed on the east coast of course, so it must be time for our week long top ten list extravaganza.

First up we have our Top 10 Top-Ten Lists.

10. Coming in at the coveted #10, a list to warm the hearts of many of our readers this holiday season. Top Ten Christmas Songs from Hell. I warn you not to click through for your own sanity.

9. Nine is the second most coveted of the numbers before 3, so make sure to click through to the Top Ten State Fairs with Livestock from 2010. California is on that list, so you know it has to be good.

8. Eight days of Christmas indeed! Top Ten Hanukkah Songs not including Adam Sandler. It’s from Israel National Radio, and really, you should be listening while reading the rest of this post, because it’s Awesome! And did I mention there’s no Adam Sandler at all, although it was a close call?

7. Seven Dog Days of Winter = the cutest whippet ever. Top Ten Whippet Photos from 2010.

6. Top Ten Sixes? No! Top Ten New Shoes of 2010! Well, that was weird to find on a cactus blog.

That turned out to be more work than I expected, so the next 5, the Top Five, will have to wait a bit. Coming soon!

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