They get Fungus Questions

The Worthington Daily Globe (ND) gets questions about fungi. We should all get questions about fungi. I like questions about fungi, how about you?

Q: I have a home outside of Palm Springs, Calif. Several years ago, I purchased a couple of cactus plants on a lark…. 

In the past few months, I have noticed… one plant… has tan/brown ringlike circles on three ridges. There is one lone circle at the base and the rest are at the top. Is there something that I should be doing to prevent further destruction?

Oddly enough, I did not expect to find a cactus resource hosted by someone in North Dakota. I have never visited your campus, but my brother-in-law is a member of the football coaching staff.

A: You have a home in Palm Springs and a brother-in-law on our Bison football coaching staff. What a nicely tangled web…. I suspect, from what you have told me, that your cactus might have a systemic fungus infection. If you could send some photos, it would make my guess more certain.

Yes, it’s true, photos do help. Did you know that the Bush Administration is planning on shooting down a failing satellite with unproven star-wars technology? Experts scoff at the idea.

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