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It doesn’t happen often, but last week a cactus changed the outcome of a major sporting event. And I’m not talking about Pittsburgh getting a cactus from Glendale, AZ for winning the Superbowl, though I hear that was incentive enough for Big Ben.

The thorns of the cactus that attached themselves to the fleshy side of Camilo Villegas‘ hand only added insult to injury….

Villegas’s adventure with the desert fauna happened on his next-to-last hole at the TPC Scottsdale. The towel his caddy was carrying caught some cactus and when Villegas reached out to clean his grip, his hand became a pin cushion.

For several minutes, Villegas tried in vain to pick the thorns out of his hand. One of his female fans offered a pair of tweezers that did the trick, though.

“I hit a great shot after that, and like I said, I missed the putt and then went on to bogey the last one and missed the cut by one,” Villegas said.

Oh, the humanity.

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