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We have two questions below:

1) Attached is a photo of a plant you put in one of my existing pots. It is blooming beautifully and seems quite happy. However, it does appear that it will soon outgrow the pot. How shall I go about re-potting this plant?

2) [2nd question edited for later blogging]

Many thanks!
Beth M


1) The Calandrinia is fine in that pot for several years. It will get
bigger, and bloom more boisterously as it does. If it gets too
rambunctious prune it back a bit. Just cut the stems where you want it
to re-sprout. You can save the cut pieces and plant them in dry soil and
they should root and start growing in a month or two. If you want to
repot to something larger, rather than pruning, run a garden knife
around the edge of the pot to loosen the root ball. Then ease the soil
and roots out and move carefully to a larger pot and add soil in around
the existing root ball. Calandrinia have very fragile roots so handle
with care, but even if most of the roots break off it will reroot,
though it will set in back a few months.


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