Thanksgiving Centerpieces? Think Cactus!

Here are 2 of my favorite cactus centerpieces that I’ve found while googling on the intertubez for the last 20 seconds.

It’s a cactus… AND an Ice Sculpture!

What Thanksgiving dinner wouldn’t be improved by this stunning display of frozen water? Chip off a piece of the ice for ole’ Uncle Hamish who’s going to want a few more scotches, if you know what I mean!

Or, if spending money on water that’s just going to melt in a few hours seems like a waste, here’s a cactus centerpiece that will last for years.

This piece of colored paper is a 3-d cactus family heirloom in the making. Every year you and your cousin Ashley will fight over whether this is an appropriate centerpiece for the Thanksgiving table, what with all the work that Ashley put into the turkey and stuffing, that cheap piece of crap sullies her good table. But you know better – this is the perfect complement for any family gathering where nobody can stand each other – a symbol of everything that’s wrong with the American family on this most wondrous of family holidays!

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