Tampa Loves Succulents

The University of South Florida has a lovely Botanic Garden, and the good people at the Tampa Tribune think the best part about it is the succulent house.

Take a stroll through the Botanical Gardens at USF and you’ll likely fall in love… Unrequited plant love is one of the top five causes of gardener heartache.

Angel wing begonia

There are several cultivars of angel wing, which takes its name from the shape of its leaves.

Hoya carnosa


Tribune photo by PENNY CARNATHAN
One of (our) favorite plant genera is hoya, which includes about 300 species of tropical climbers, many of them epiphytic vines.

Sometimes I  like to make up things about the articles I post. Like in this case, I’d like to imagine that the writer is actually a WWII bomber pilot from Connecticut who recently built a new greenhouse outside the kitchen backdoor, but it’s still too cold out there for the hoyas and begonias, so they’re languishing in the garage.

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