Survivor and Cactus, Together Again

So this season of  Survivor is in the desert highlands of  Brazil, so they were bound to run into some cactus. Here’s one description of the upcoming season from Metro, which appears to be some kind of website, so you know they have good info.

“Survivor Tocantins” takes place in brutal high desert conditions…

Contestants have access to Cactus Juice (a combination of sunscreen and bug repellent) and essential medication (such as malaria pills), but no other personal items.

Wait, this so-called cactus juice is not the juice they personally squeeze out of a cactus, it’s a sunscreen product for sale? Why didn’t anyone tell me this? So let’s do the google and see what we come up with.


It’s true! Well this blog post has taken a turn. But back to Survivor. They’re bound to run into some cactus. So if you watch the show, let me know what they run into.

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