Sunshine Conebush

I think this one was also on 8th Street in Berkeley, or thereabouts. I could do another contest to name it, couldn’t I? But this one isn’t very difficult. Just do a search for variegated leucadendron and this is the first one to pop up.

By the way, I now use duckduckgo as my primary search engine, so I no longer get to joke about the googling. Now I get to joke about the ducklings.

Anyway, Leucadendron ‘Jester’ (Leucadendron salignum x L. laureolum) it is!

We don’t carry the variegated Leucadendrons at the nursery because Hap doesn’t like them, so you’ll have to go walk the streets of Berkeley finding them in people’s yards to get your variegated leucadendron fix.

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