Succulents Along the Trails in San Diego

Apparently there are native succulents along the Bayside Trail in San Diego, so the San Diego Tribune says. The trail itself is alongside the bay. I wonder what succulents they’ll find there?

Wildlife along the trail includes the California striped racer, the Western fence lizard, (and )the California whiptail.

Lizards are good. Any sign of the succulents yet?

In the background, visitors may hear a foghorn sounding at 10-second intervals.

That’s nice too. They seem to be near some WWI and WWII sites.

Near the lighthouse is one of the most attractive plants flowering this season: dudleya, known as “live-forever.” The gray-blue succulents have foot-long stems sprouting pink flowers. Another highlight is the tall and endangered Shaw’s agave.

There we are. That’s two. I wonder what Dudleya species they found?

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