Succulents Along the Jersey Shore

Apparently succulents are spreading everywhere in the country. Now they’re in Pennsylvania and the Jersey Shore. Next who knows, Delaware maybe.

Succulents offer value and save water

Karl Gercens, Longwood Gardens horticulturist, tends to drought resistant succulents, some of which also are winter hardy, at Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, Pa. Gardeners are learning that these easy care plants, like this group of prickly pear cactus, aren’t just for display in desert gardens anymore. (AP PHOTO)…

“They’re carefree, without any insect pests, and shrug off high heat or extreme cold,” Kelaidis said. “”Some kinds of sedum and hens and chicks will go on forever. That’s why they use them so much in commercial plantings.”

You know I’m feeling kind of carefree too. We’re looking forward to a Red Sox v. Cubs World Series and it’s sunny and warm today so you know, it’s OK that they have succulents in Pennsylvania and along the Jersey Shore. On a different day we’d stress out about the Jersey Shore, but not today. Today we’re calm and carefree.

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