Succulent Wreaths Make the Oakland Tribune

Last year our wreaths were featured in the LA Times, and this year they’re mentioned in the Oakland Tribune and the San Jose Mercury News.

Oakland artist and florist Leslie Piels of Toad’s Potted Plants prefers an edited materials palette as well.

“Too many materials in a wreath looks out-of-date — like ’80s big hair,” Piels says.

She favors natural materials combined with beautiful ribbons. Picture smoky dried lotus blossoms tied up with a celadon ribbon or living wreaths made out of succulent plants. Piels custom designs these wreaths for clients but also suggests Cactus Jungle Nursery and Garden in Berkeley, which uses a variety of succulents and live plants to create wreaths suitable to all occasions and decors.

“You can use these all year round and replenish them as necessary,” says Piels.

[Edited to remove whiny reference to the San Francisco Chronicle at Hap’s request]

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