Succulent Weddings

Apparently the succulent bouquet idea for weddings isn’t going away anytime soon. The hot trend from 3 years ago is still the hot trend.

Succulents are always in style, but their deep, rich colors are a natural fit for Fall weddings. Luscious centerpieces filled with these hearty plants will look sophisticated set in vintage silver vases and pails scoured from flea markets and thrift shops.

For bouquets, compliment your succulents with vibrant flowers in purples, magentas, and blues, from organic and local growers.

We do centerpieces for a lot of weddings these days, but always potted, never cut. People come to us because we’ll pot up hundreds of little succulents for them in their own special little pot, and then they group them as centerpieces and everybody gets to take one home. Sometimes we even plant up larger mixed succulent pots for a special centerpiece too.

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