Succulent Thievery in SF with Video!

Last year I posted about a succulent thief working the Bernal Heights section of San Francisco, and this year someone has photographed a possible culprit. I won’t post the photo, but you can click through to the SF Weekly to see for yourself.

Police are baffled by a string of plants thefts in Bernal Heights, where someone has been snipping off large sections of succulents from various homes.

The most recent case happened this week, when a resident called police to report that someone had ripped some cacti from their front yard…

The good news is the thief appears to be an idiot.

But what really bothers (Officer Harry) Soulette is the fact that these crooks clearly don’t know much about gardening.

“They are chopping them off at the wrong place — they are killing them,” Soulette says. “So if they are taking them for the purpose of replanting them, then they are just damaging them, which is why we think they are just doing it to be malicious.”

An officer with horticultural knowledge? Nice!

And now security footage has finally surfaced showing a drive-by succulent thief in action. The horror is palpable. I think it was an Aeonium he got away with.

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