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My husband bought a couple of little plants from you 2-3 years ago. The plants live in an office, receiving lots of sunny Sacramento window light. They were brought home this week because they look terrible. I don’t know the names of these two plants. Please let me know what they are called and what can be done to return them to peak health.

Attached photo 2 shows the first plant that is limp, broke away from its roots, and I just pulled off the dead leaves to show you the stem.

Photo 4 is the second plant, leggy and stressed – unhappy: does not look like it is thriving.

Thank you very much for your time and support.
Sincerely, Sarah


The first plant is a Haworthia. The dead bottom leaves is not a problem since all succulents lose bottom leaves, but the breaking off from the roots is not good and was probably caused by too much water. You can replant it into fresh new fast-draining cactus soil and it will re-root. Keep it dry until you replant it, and don’t water for a week after.

The 2nd plant is a Crassula and it looks to me like it has not gotten a lot of light, although you say it’s been in a sunny window. Is the window covered, or does it have UV protection on it? In general, when succulents are getting less light they also need less water. It is time to repot the plant into a larger pot with new cactus soil. You can also take tip cuttings and reroot them instead if you prefer. Just cut the tips off each branch, keeping about 4 nodes on each. Let them dry for a few days and then poke them into new cactus soil.


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