Stories from Philadelphia

The Philadelphia Garden Show has stories to tell. The Philly Inquirer shares with us the yearly trek of Nona Begonia.

Sylvia Lin, 79, already has her white hair brushed and pulled into her signature bun. I know without asking that she’s been up for at least a half hour and didn’t go to bed until well after midnight. I know without even saying “Good morning” that she’s revving in high gear, ready to pack up three carloads of succulents, cacti and begonias for the drive from Ambler to Center City.

It has been this way on this weekend of the Philadelphia Flower Show every year for the last 30 or so. I am part of a small tag team that gets “Nona Begonia” to the show.

Now I wanted to go to Philadelphia last year, but it was a little farther out of the way from California than I would have expected.

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