Three pretty Sedums for your enjoyment. Sedums are also known as Stonecrops and are found around the world. North America, South America, Asia and Europe. I don’t know about Africa, and probably not Antartica, though they are native to Alaska in the Southeast portion of the state.

Sedums are in the well traveled Crassulaceae family, which consists of about 1500 species, of which fully 600 are Sedums. And then there are the cultivars. 2 of the 3 below are cultivars. And then there are the shrubby Sedums, possibly moved recently into Hylotelephium, which have large pretty bloom sprays on top of thick succulent leaved stalks.

These are not Hylotelephium-type Sedums. But they are 3 different subtypes nontheless.

Sedum Little Missy

First up is Sedum “Little Missy” which is a small rosette with flat leaves. This attractive groundcover is prolific and wqill get quite red in the sunshine.

Sedum hispanicum purpurea

Sedum hispanicum “Purpurea” is a classic shade-tolerant, freeze-tolerant groundcover stonecrop that is very popular with the kids today. Small tubular leaves on trailing stems.

Sedum furfuraceum

Sedum furfuraceum is one of the thick leaved sedums, quite rounded and pleasantly colorfulized.

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