Staghorn Fern

Platycerium superbum is not exactly uncommon, but it’s also not the most common of the Staghorns. These epiphytes can be grown outside in the Bay Area but we prefer them inside. They do well with a bit of extra humidity, so mist away, but don’t overwater as they are totally drought-tolerant. Let the shield and backing dry out.

These will grow quite enormous given the chance. 6 feet across? Check. 3 feet tall? Sure, why not.

And bigger in habitat – they’re from Australia, so they have to be big enough to withstand a kangaroo attack.

What’s most amazing about these is the the size of the shield itself. The fronds are also quite big, but the single nest-like shield spreads very wide.

Hardiness: Low 20s.

Size: 6 feet

Habitat: Eastern Australian Subtropical Forests

Light: Light Shade to Full Shade

Water: Low, some misting

Propagation: From spores, or divisions.

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