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Euphorbia resinifera is a beautiful little succulent spurge from Morocco. Sulphur-yellow inflorescence! And apparently a very good shot at being a localized pain killer.

Recently researchers have begun working with a toxin found in a Moroccan cactuslike plant that may be able to deliver permanent, local pain relief with a single injection.

The compound, called resiniferatoxin (RTX), works by destroying the neurons specifically responsible for inflammatory pain.


Euphorbia sap in many Euphorbias seem to have lots of properties. Some not so good. We just got in a crop of Euphorbia antisyphilitica, which as its name would suggest is an old-timey old-west cure for the syphilis. Interesting! Also it’s common name is Candelilla, from which one could surmise that it has a waxy coating that could be used to make candles, if one were so disposed.

Euphorbia antisyphilitica

Euphorbia antisyphilitica

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