South Dakota Wild Edible Plants in the News

They eat them some weeds in South Dakota, if a noted local herbalist can be believed. Apparently, they even eat wild succulents, although they remain unnamed at this time. If I were a reporter I would call this person up and get a quote and ask for some names. Good thing I’m no reporter.

Dumdey, a certified herbalist and nutritional herbologist, had foraged the grasses, plants, flowers and succulents from her own herbal garden as well as the open fields and trails found in the Black Hills and near the Wyoming border.

“These plants can be found in your yards and along roads, but I would be careful about what I harvested,” she said.

Some might call me chicken, but I’l stick to the tried and true – well-cooked pork products, like bacon and ham, but especially bacon. 

Actually, we’re have an employee barbecue tonight and we’re not serving any pork at all. Local veggies, turkey dogs, and chicken sausages. Plus if Hap remembered, maybe some hamburgers too.

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