Soon-to-be Year in Review

I’m working on a Cactus Year in Review post for the end of the year, which I understand is coming up soon, and I wanted your help in assembling the top cactus and succulent stories of the past year. Why am I asking for your help? Because I’m lazy.

Please put your suggestions in the comments, with appropriate links and extensive notes and documentation too, anything to help me not have to write too much.

PRIZE: And if I pick a winner for story of the year, the person who suggested it will get a free Cactus T-Shirt. Actually, that’s for real – I will give one away if I actually get some response to this stupid fantastic idea.

To get this thing started, there’s something about cactus wrens that was big in the news this year, I seem to recall. Oh yeah, and there was that cactus art car in Austin – that got a lot of attention in the local news in Austin. So get started, and win yourself a T-Shirt.

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