Snake Plant

Sansevieria patula, or S. cylindrica var. patula

These are pretty compact for a S. cylindrica. Not upright at all, but the leaves are cylindrical, so there’s that. As is typical of the Sansevierias, these are not hardy outside in the Bay Area, although if you are careful you can grow this on your covered porch as long as we don’t have a hard frost.

They will form tight clusters, the rosettes don’t get too big, but watch out that you don’t poke an eye out. We wouldn’t like that to happen to you.

The flowers are the typical hideous white flowers that drip sticky mess everywhere. I prefer to cut them off ASAP.

You may also choose to ask where they are native, and that is a fair question for you to ask. I am going to guess somewhere in Africa. Shall we check? AHA! indeed. Zambia.

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